About Us

The History of PackMan

PackMan was established in 1999 by Costas Panagides as a sole proprietor. It was formed to fill a gap that existed in the market place for a good, reliable Contract Packer.

As of August 2003, as a means of capitalizing on the growth gap in the market, as well as to stabilize the business, a partnership was formed with Tony Dry to enhance the product range and customer base. The company formed a corporation known as Xanthina Trading and retains the successful trading name of PackMan.

The business started with humble beginnings in leased premises. Today the company boasts an impressive customer base, with a wide range of machines and runs 24 hours a day, 5days a week. The company has a proud reputation and has become a preferential supplier in its

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Our Motto: “Contract Packers of Distinction”

  • We provide outstanding customer service and speedy delivery.
  • We provide quality products at competitive prices.
  • We provide a wide range of products for the hotel, catering, fast food, restaurant, mining, wholesale, hospitality Industries.

The company and its workforce are part of a large family unit working in harmony. Being respectful and happy creates a productive and satisfying workplace. Quality and integrity in the creation of its products benefits all most valued customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since inception, PackMan has prided itself in the creation of work and employment opportunities for all South Africans. The predominantly female workforce consists of skilled and unskilled workers who receive on the job training and promoting within is encouraged.

Certain services or functions are outsourced to assist others in need. PackMan also actively invests with new and ‘up-and-coming’ black entrepreneurs in the mutually related field of packaging. They have become an integral part of the supply chain within the business. They offer products that range from plastic cutlery to the printing and supply of flexible packaging materials.

Logwood Village

The services of Logwood Village, which has 85 intellectually disabled residents, are utilized to aid in funding their much needed operations.

Logwood-6They have created work opportunities for the intellectually disabled and provide permanent residence for adults, respite care for short term placements and contract work in a protective workshop. All work in the protective workshop is completed meticulously, with great pride and determination by the residents, despite life’s vicissitudes.

Work opportunities are also provided by Logwood, to the impoverished surrounding community to enable them to earn an income. This successful partnership has become a vibrant workforce consisting of both disabled and disadvantaged people. This ensures sustainability for Logwood Village and provides stimulation and a sense of worth for its residents.

Sparrow Schools

Sparrow Schools is an institution offering children and youth with learning barriers a holistic approach to education and skills. PackMan contributes to their ‘Educate a Child’ initiative, by sponsoring 13 children. The school’s approach is to empower the children and youth, to responsibly and independently be able to participate in the economy and workforce which is an investment in the county’s future prosperity.

The Foundation School caters for learners in grades 1 to 7 using the remedial and special needs education principles. The Combined School offers the full prescribed CAPS curriculum for grades 8 and 9, also using the remedial learning stream. Sparrow College offers full accredited NQF qualifications in various fields and certain skills programs are offered at NQF2 and NQF3, preparing learners for employment opportunities.

These guys are just a few of the awesome kids we sponsor:

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility plays a vital role in any business. The sustainability of Earth’s resources is constantly impacted. Maintaining a balance highlights the need for the well-being of our planet.

Recycling plays a major role in the health of the environment. Not only are food grade approved packaging solutions used for all products, but materials that have a minimal impact on the environment are sought.

All packaging scrap/waste materials, where possible, are collected to be sent for recycling. These materials are ground and manufactured into pellets which are then converted into crates that are used by the liquor, beverage, dairy and related allied industries.

Plastic products used in the factory are food grade approved which are manufactured from virgin plastic pellets, are easily recycled and used in other non-food applications such as plastic pots for plants, pipes, dustbins, containers, etc.

The disposal of feminine products, toilet hygiene and general pest control are handled by companies that assist with environmentally suitable solutions.

The use of food grade approved SAB detergents, hand sanitizers, machine cleansing and sterilizing materials are a necessary part of our environmental responsibility.

Paper and used carton boxes are collected by a recycling vendor who sells it to the paper mills for recycling.

All other refuse is collected weekly by Pikitup for disposal in the normal fashion.