Flow Wrapping Services Johannesburg

Flow Wrapping is the process of wrapping products of any shape in clear or printed polypropylene flexible film. These packs can be generic, or branded to specification.

Flow Wrapping Examples

  • Cutlery packs from 2-in-one packs up to 10-in-one packs, depending on customer specifications.
  • Individually wrapped cutlery & stirrers
  • Promotional packs
  • Chocolate bars & cereal bars
  • Individual biscuits or rusks

Additional packaging solutions offered are wrapping of Fridge Magnets, Umbilical Cord Clamps, Pasteur Pipettes, Syringes, etc.

Flexible Packaging Films

PackMan uses flexible packaging films for all its’ manufacturing processes. Examples of flexible packaging are sugar tubes/sachets, coffee, creamer, tomato sauce, vinegar sachets, cutlery packs, lunch packs, beverage/ration packs, etc.

The flexible films used have many desirable characteristics that have enabled companies such as PackMan, to grow and evolve to adapt to the needs of the products around the world. The flexible films have good barrier properties for the products packaged. The property barriers are increased with the aid of coatings, film types & materials.

The most common polymers utilized are Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP). Manufacturing processes used are blown film, cast film and co-extrusion.

Each film has its own unique properties. Advancements and innovations assist in creating additional characteristics that some products demand or by also creating environmentally friendly alternatives.

All films used in our industry have to be food grade approved and strict quality/manufacturing disciplines have to be adhered to.

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