Sachet Packaging Johannesburg

PackMan’s sachet packaging and general packaging solutions are manufactured by specialized machinery that makes use of the “form-fill-seal” process, which constructs sachets out of paper or plastic film, while simultaneously filling them with liquid or granulated product and sealing the filled bags.

We also offer a variety of high quality, and well-priced house brand products.

Flexible packaging materials utilized would be divided into two categories:

Primary Sachet Packaging

Primary packaging is the material that envelops and contains the product. Usually, this is the smallest unit of use and the sachet is in direct contact with the content.

A few examples of primary sachet packaging are:

  • Mustard, vinegar & tomato sauce
  • Salt & pepper
  • Spices
  • Sugar & sweeteners
  • Coffee, creamer & tea

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is outside the primary packaging where the primary sachets are grouped together. This can include cutlery packs, lunch packs, beverage packs, ration packs and shipping containers.

Development & Quality

Sachet packaging design and development are an integral part of any product development process. Design features add convenience in display, distribution, use, dispensing and ease of disposal. Sachets keep the contents clean, fresh and safe, for the intended shelf life, which is its primary function.

The use of the correct packaging materials for the sachets to have barrier protection from water vapour and oxygen are essential to the success of the sachet.

Effective quality management system of all products is essential, with production protocols being mandatory for all types of sachets packaged in our facility.

Obtaining quality ingredients at competitive prices, results in superior sachet products.

In-house sachet products

Some of our house brand products include:

  • Coffee & Creamer
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Spices
  • Sugar & Sweetener
  • Black Tea, Urn Teabags & Rooibos
  • Tomato, Mustard, Chutney, Worcester, Chilli, Prego, Mayo, Salad Dressing & Vinegar.

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