PackMan | Contract Packaging & Co-Packing

PackMan is a contract packing company specialising in sachet packaging and flow-wrapping. The company produces a wide range of products, including the small-portion and convenience flow-wrapped packs using the Form-Fill-And-Seal packaging process. We are contractors for many industries such as the airline, catering, hospitality, mining, pharmaceutical, and wholesaling sectors.

All of our products come standard with the PackMan branding and generic products, but we also offer the option of custom branding for your own company or event. Contact us about our contract packing and co-packing services.





Plastic Cutlery

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If you thought the little yellow guy in the eighties video game Pacman demonstrated determination in his attempts to eat all the little electronic dots, you need to meet Costas Panagides. He is even more single-minded in his desire to work in the manufacturing industry. His company, PackMan, is the result of his dream of owning his own business in this field, and thus being in control of his own destiny….