Beverage & Ration Packs

A wide range of customized beverage and ration packs are offered to fulfill the daily beverage needs of any large or small workforce. The various industries using these packs are factories, mines, assembly lines, field operators, construction sites, government departments, etc.

The use of customized portion control product solutions eliminates wastage, shrinkage and unhygienic situations. Bulk ingredients become messy, wastage is unavoidable and expensive in the long run. The desirability of these packs is an obvious solution.

The customer’s workforce needs are assessed before a pack can be supplied to them. The criteria used would be to identify the number of daily drinks required.

We only use safe, food-grade plastics.

Beverage Pack Examples

  • Single, Daily, Weekly or Monthly Beverage Pack.
  • Tea and/or Coffee Beverage Packs.
  • Rooibos Beverage Packs.
  • Specialized Beverage Packs.

The necessary creamer, sugar or sweetener sachets all form part of a complete hot beverage pack solution.

Specialized Ration Packs

  • 500g pack of sugar
  • 250g coffee
  • 500g cooldrink powder
  • 500g soup

Other specialized beverage packs can often include larger items instead of sachets, as well as additional seasonal products.