Sachet Packaging Johannesburg

PackMan’s sachet packaging and general packaging solutions are manufactured by specialized machinery that makes use of the “form-fill-seal” process, which constructs sachets out of paper or plastic film, while simultaneously filling them with liquid or granulated product and sealing the filled bags.

We offer sachet packaging of a wide range of products, such as condiments, coffees & teas, creamers, sugar, and confectionery. We also offer a variety of high quality, and well-priced house brand products.

We only use safe, food-grade plastics.

In-house sachet products

Some of our quality house-brand products:

  • Coffee & Creamer
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Spices
  • Sugar & Sweetener
  • Black Tea, Urn Teabags & Rooibos
  • Tomato, Mustard, Chutney, Worcester, Chilli, Prego, Mayo, Salad Dressing & Vinegar.

Primary Sachet Packaging

Primary packaging, such as sachet packaging, is the material that envelops and contains the product. Usually, this is the smallest unit of use and the sachet is in direct contact with the content.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging, such as flow wrapping, is outside the primary packaging where the primary sachets are grouped together. This can include cutlery packs, beverage packs, shipping containers etc.